You Can’t Ask That! (Free)

At a Glance
Exercise Summary

🕑 45-60 minutes
🎚    B2, C1
🎯 expressions of appropriateness & speaking

🕑 0-5 minutes
– Print one worksheet for each student.
– Print the Teacher’s Insights or keep them at hand as they contain helpful notes for the exercises.

Kickoff: speaking intro

Vocabulary: learn phrases and idiomatic expressions related to appropriateness

Speaking I: use the new phrases to discuss whether certain questions are appropriate or inappropriate

Speaking II: learn six new words and then hold conversation using prompts with each word

When in social situations, be careful not to open a can of worms! This society-focused worksheet discusses what questions are appropriate (or inappropriate) to ask in different situations, teaching a number of phrases and relevant idiomatic expressions.
Detailed Description
This B2-C1 ESL lesson plan explores what questions are appropriate in certain situations, which are taboos, how to be tactful, and how society is changing.
The worksheet begins with a kickoff introduction to the topic, with six conversation starters.
Students go on to group phrases and idiomatic expressions into three groups, “appropriate”, “sometimes appropriate”, and “inappropriate”.
They are then given plenty of opportunity to speak, discussing whether certain questions are appropriate or inappropriate to ask, using the idioms they have just discovered.
The lesson ends with six new words to learn, and conversation prompts which can be adapted as writing homework.
Download this printable PDF worksheet on society and social norms today. Happy teaching!
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